Japan Camera Chobi Cam Pro 3

Chobi Cam Pro 3. Who would have thought this camera from Japan became the world's smallest camera. Only the size of a key chain with 5 LED lights that surround the lens. Chobi Cam Pro 3 can take pictures with a resolution of 11 MP and Full HD 1080p video recording. In addition, there is also Voice Recording feature that can be used to record your conversation.

Small size often makes a gadget that is actually normal to be sophisticated. That's what happened with this super-mini sized camera. Chobi Cam Pro 3 from Japan is not like most cameras.

In a single charge, Chobi Cam Pro can be used for video recording up to 120 minutes. And video recordings or photos you can directly stored on a microSDHC memory card through its memory card slot compatible up to 32GB capacity.

  If you want to record in the dark, Chobi Cam Pro 3 has been equipped with night vision feature that makes it act in the dark. Chobi Cam Pro 3 is now available for the Japanese market and sold at affordable prices at around U.S. $ 54

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