Sukhoi Superjet 100 (SSJ 100) Lost Contact In Indonesia

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A civilian passenger aircraft Sukhoi Superjet 100, which is conducting flight demonstrations in Jakarta, suddenly disappeared from radar, Wednesday (05/09/2012) afternoon. Until now, the fate of the aircraft is not known. News agency RIA Novosti reported at 14:09 pm, the plane was carrying 44 people, consisting of eight Russian and 36 foreign nationals. Otherwise the aircraft failed to return to the departure airport after a flight demo.  

Reported Air Base control tower (air base) Halim Perdanakusuma, lost contact with flight at 16.00.  "The event was attended by the Ministry of Transportation officials, airlines in Indonesia and the Russian embassy officials in Jakarta," according to the Russian Embassy. Airlines Sky Aviation in Indonesia has signed a purchase 10 unit Sukhoi . 

Director General of Civil Aviation Ministry of Transportation said Herry Bakti, civil passenger aircraft Sukhoi Superjet 100 is lost when its maiden flight on Wednesday (09.05.2012), also boarded the journalists. Total passengers, said Herry, numbering about 40 people. Currently, a team consisting of the National SAR Agency was deployed to search for the Russian-made aircraft. The alleged cause of the loss, Herrera claimed not to know.

Indonesia is the fourth country visited Sukhoi Super Jet 100, from six countries are scheduled to visit. Sukhoi aircraft that lost it arrived in Jakarta Wednesday, May 9, 2012.Sukhoi's earlier visit Myanmar, Pakistan, and Kazakhstan. After Jakarta, this Sukhoi plans to visit two other Asian countries, namely Laos and Vietnam. 

This aircraft had flown 2.5 hours doing demos in Jakarta. First, the Sukhoi aircraft carries a crew of Sky Aviation, a representative of the VEB-Leasing, and the Russian insurance companies.During the second flight, this aircraft carrying potential buyers from Indonesia, from Batavia, Pelita Air, Aviastar, and Sriwijaya Air.Sukhoi pilots who manned Russia, carrying 44 passengers - comprising eight citizens of Russia and 36 other citizens, including WN Indonesia, most of the representatives of airlines - disappeared from radar at the demo in the Jakarta area. This aircraft did not return to the airport from the schedule.None of the crew and passengers who can be contacted by phone.

Police and residents today continue to search Russian-made aircraft Sukhoi Superjet 100 species lost during a demonstration flight over the skies of Jakarta.One point search around Sukabumi, West Java..According to Kelvin, have not found the exact location of the incident with the police so that residents continue to exert his abilities."The plane is also not met. Presumption of Mount Salak," he said.The police along with people now continue to search the Sukhoi Superjet 100 aircraft lost contact while on the air in Jakarta and Bogor. 

The scene just has not been found, but there are suggestions that the plane crashed around the mountainous area. The area is a region close to the plantation and Palabuhan Ratu.This is the names of the crew and passenger aircraft Sukhoi Super Jet 100 is the Russian nationality. In a Twitter message is posted blogger and traveler Sergey Dolya, mentioned several names missing Sukhoi aircraft crews in Indonesia's territory.
The plane was operated by

1) senior pilot Aleksandr Yablontsev

2) co-pilot Aleksandr Kochetkov.

RIA Novosti also released the names of six other Russian nationals is

3) Aero navigator, Oleg Shvetsov

4) flight engineer, Aleksey Kirkin

5) leading flight test engineer, Dennis Rakhmanov

6) test flight deputy head, Nikolay Martyshenko

7) "Sukhoi" company Sales Director, Evgeny Grebenshchikov

8) contract manager, Kristina Kurzhukova.

Everything is reported in the plane.other than that there is a passenger of jurnalist groups and others.Company Sukhoi Russian-made civil aircraft, has held a road show (road show) to several countries including Indonesia, for one of its flagship product types of civil aircraft, the Sukhoi Superjet 100 "(SSJ-100).In a press release the Russian Embassy in Jakarta, Tuesday (08/05/2012), described the exhibition and presentation of products held in Jakarta, Wednesday (09/05/2012), including demonstration fly attraction.Besides Indonesia, exhibitions and displays similar flight will also be held in several countries such as Kazakhstan, Pakistan, Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam.Mentioned, these aircraft can carry 98 passengers and can roam up to a distance of 3048 kilometers to the basic version, or 4578 kilometers for long-distance version of the aircraft, the flying height of up to 12 200 meters.

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