Solar Eclipse 2012 "Ring Of fire"

Lunar eclipse 2012 will occur some time yet. sources of news from NASA stating "The ring of sunlight during annularity is blindingly bright," cautions NASA's leading expert Fred Espenak eclipse of the Goddard Space Flight Center. "Even though most of the Sun's disk will be covered, you still need to use a solar filter or some type of projection technique. A # 14 welder's glass is a good choice. There are also many commercially-available solar filters. "

Experts said Sunday's "ring" eclipse will be visible across a wide area, Including in California. But Certain parts of the state will get a better view than others. The best view of the ring eclipse - the which Scientists call an "annular" eclipse, in the which the moon completely blocks out the sun except for an annulus, or ring of fire, around the moon's edge - is expected to be on the northern edge of California, near Eureka, Redding and the northern suburbs of Sacramento SE2012May20Aand Lake Tahoe.

According to NASA, the annular eclipse will begin at sunrise local time in southern China, then pass over Hong Kong; Taipei, Taiwan; and Tokyo before reaching its greatest extent in the Pacific Ocean near Alaska's Aleutian Islands. After entering California, the moon's shadow will block almost all sunlight from Reno, Nev.; The Grand Canyon in Arizona; Albuquerque, NM; and Lubbock, Texas.

The zone where a partial eclipse is viewable is much Wider, stretching over most of eastern China, Korea, the Philippines, Siberia, Hawaii, Canada and Mexico. NASA has posted calculations of solar eclipse times in foreign countries and the United States.

NASA has also set up an interactive Google map showing times of the eclipse - click on the map and it'll show when the eclipse will begin and end anywhere in the world. The times are set to "Coordinated Universal Time," which is seven hours ahead of California. Annular eclipses are different from total eclipses, where no "ring of fire" is visible.

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