Facebook Organ Donor Tool Option, Its Great Idea?

Facebook today offered users the option to designate themselves as organ donors.At first glance, it might seem like an odd choice.  I thought, "What a great idea?." I understand that the whole concept of organ donation isn't something that most people think about very often, unless of course you happen to know someone who has done it or if you're walking around with a heart that isn't your own.

The organ donation option is primarily a way to spread awareness among your Facebook friends, and to inform family members of your intentions should they ever need to provide consent.

To become an official organ donor, you must sign up with the appropriate state .So how do you sign up? registry. All you need to do is go to your Timeline, click on “Life Event” and then “Health & Wellness.” Then, you’ll see the option for “Organ Donor.” At that point, you can add when and where you registered and your personal story. Select that and a menu should pop up that allows you to (voluntarily) select your state, when you became an organ donor, and enter a donation-related story, if applicable. 

Then, select who will be able to see your designation (Public, Friends, or Custom) and click "Save." For those who aren’t organ donors, Facebook is providing a link to the appropriate registry. As with other Timeline entries, you can make your organ donor status public or private.

 The organ donation option,  is part of using Facebook to "build tools that help people transform the way we all solve worldwide social problems.". "A Facebook user has not officially become an organ donor unless they have registered via their state's donor registry page," Facebook said in a statement.

Now,how is your opinion about facabook organ donation option? are you thinks a great idea?

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