About the latest Nokia Series X5 and First Launched in Indonesia

Indonesia would become the first country to be used as the launch event smartphone Nokia X5. Thus Jo Harlow, senior vice president of Nokia smartphones, the Nokia Connection 2010 event in Singapore. Indonesia''will be honored by becoming the first launch of the Nokia X5 place in the world,''said Harlow. Harlow called smartphone Nokia X5 as eye catching and cool''devices''. With a square shape and has a QWERTY keyboard with sliding system, the Nokia X5 price 165 euros (about USD 1.8 million rupiah).

Harlow explained, X5 is a potential market targeting young people who love music and social networking. You see, X5 users can directly see Facebook and Twitter status directly from the home screen or front screen. In addition to the X5, in Nokia Connection also introduced the Nokia X6 8 GB and N8-art smartphones, the only phones that use Symbian applications 3.

Sliding model latest music phones Nokia X5 is not only unique in terms of design and appearance to the box with the additional QWERTY keyboard. Various unique features in it as well, one of which features "Surprise Me". Features This is a new way to enjoy music.

"By playing the Nokia mobile phones, flat X5 in the media at the time playing music, the Nokia X5 will move to another song chosen at random from the music playlists that exist," explained Haryati Lawidjaya, Service and Software Manager Nokia Indonesia at the launch Nokia X5, in Jakarta, Thursday (08/05/2010).

So, if another friend to hang out together, continue to listen to the songs I'm bored already memorized the sequence, you can play features "Surprise Me" from mobile phones Nokia X5 and going to be surprised with a random selection of Nokia X5.

The music features in Nokia X5 is also supported with good sound quality and is also equipped with 2 GB memory card that can be increased up to 32 GB. So, music can be stored more numerous and varied. "During this always comes with a QWERTY cell phone features and designs that are too serious for the office. Now, Nokia X5 comes with a unique design and fun features with the functionality of smartphones," said Haryati Lawudjaya, Service and Software Manager Nokia Indonesia, at the launch Nokia X5, Thursday (08/05/2010).

Unique and futuristic design of the Nokia X5 comes with black and pink color. "It comes with a QWERTY Later other colors, but to launch our first issue just black and pink, this color since most of his interested," said Haryati. This slide mobile phone will be available in stores from the date of August 20, 2010 with prices ranging between Rp 1.800.000.rupiah

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