The Avengers Game, Will Be a Popular Game?

New Avengers Game
Avengers game
Avengers had first appeared in 1963. once favored by many and has made ​​the big-screen version in 2012. Now, the game developer Ubisoft has reportedly registered a website domain that indicate the adoption of the Avengers movie to a version of the game. So what if you want to feel this game? we are all just a matter of time.

Reported by Gamespot, the the website domain. It is said that the domain has been registered on May 3, before the Avengers movie glide across the United States. The domain is registered by Marver Characters Inc, but has recently registered the domain known to the Ubisoft server.
Not known in detail about Ubisoft's involvement in these domains. Rumors are circulating of course leads to the famous game developer, who is believed to be working on the game titles and launch of The Avengers in the near future.

The information circulated previously mentioned video game adaptation of The Avengers Marvel has started in September last year. Game developer and publisher, THQ Studio Australia is mentioned working on a game title that Joss Whedon directed it.

Avengers video game so far been shown in 1996 by Data East fighter acrade Avengers: Galactic Storm, and in 1991 the arcade beat-'em-up Captain America. Avengers itself consists of the main hero characters such as Captain America, Thor, the Hulk and Iron Man.
In addition, other video game-based titles such as The Avengers, Marvel Pinball: Avengers Chronicles for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita. There is additional content or downloadable content (DLC) on a game that featured four new pinball tables as well as virtual machines in the film version.

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