'C'mon Bayern' Trending In the UK,Fantastic!

photo by goal.com
Bayern Munchen seems highly favored in tonight's game. "C'mon Bayern" please do not let me down tonight!." It is said in the twitter of a user. There is another that says "C'mon Bayern is trending in the UK, but nothing about Chelsea. Tells you WHO the majority of the UK wants to win .." Oh .. no. This is fantastic. Why bayern munchen must be a trending topic world wide (TTWW).

What about chelsea supporters? Of course they hate it. twitter users who even scold "Lol at 'c'mon Bayern' trending in the UK, everybody hates # CFC" someone said. and there is another person's berkatas "Great to see c'mon 2nd bayern is trending on twitter. Shows how much people hate Chelsea" Oh this is a very interesting thing.

The game has been run in the first half. As I write this article, the score still 0-0. and my own support for Bayern Munich this evening. How the final score? I suspect it will be superior Munchen 2 goals tonight. Okey .... C'mon be the # championsleague Bayern.