Google Knowledge Graph,Try It!

Google-Knowledge Graph
Today I discovered something new from google search. I got this news from popular news sites like engadget and ABCNews. They called on Knowledge Graph google. True, as in preached from google inside search, who announced the new search system for knowledge. I also do not understand well. since when did a test search, I did not find anything new from google search results.

but, I also took time to watch a video on youtube about google KnowledgeGraph. I slightly understand the meaning of google. Google's new Knowledge Graph is a new search tool That will begin rolling out starting today. the which it said would help spotlight more relevant search results.The new results are an attempt to Provide answers closer to what users are really seeking.

Google has been working on its Knowledge Graph since 2010, when it acquired Metaweb, a maker of an open-structured database. Since then Google has been mapped 500 million objects - landmarks, celebrities, cities, sports teams, buildings, geographical features, movies, works of art and more - and collecting 3.5 billion facts about these objects' relationships to one another.

Google's Knowledge Graph spotlights all three possibilities to the right of users' search results. A click on each renders frequently searched facts about the object.then what is your opinion? I've often using google search. and I am not too familiar with the bing or yahoo. and I think that google is now being aggressively improve its search system.

While Google's Knowledge Graph tries to focus on reliable sources of information, the company Continues to Make search more social. Google has recently tied Google +, its own social network, into search results.Google + updates from friends now Appear in search results, Google + is the future of Google.In the new Google, we know your name, we understand your circles, and we better make-every service. The Knowledge Graph will include the Google + profiles if you search for someone WHO Happens to be in the Knowledge Graph database and has a Google + profile.