Baidoo: The World’s Largest Social Network For Meeting New People

 "Our mission – to provide the world’s easiest, fastest and most fun way for people to meet each other locally and globally." (Baido) is a new social network launched in the U.S. in March 2012. Before the official launch in the U.S., Badoo users in the U.S. have amounted to 6 million people. After the launch, users in the U.S. increased to 8 million people. Badoo is a social discovery website, founded in 2006. It is managed out of its Soho, London headquarters, but owned by a company in Cyprus and Russian entrepreneur Ultimately by Andrey Andreev. (wikipedia)
 Now, social networking is already claiming to have 150 million users worldwide. Badoo is also claimed to have 35 million active users each month, which will be able to give an annual profit reached 150 million U.S. dollars.

This data is reinforced by the finding that ComScore has additional users as much as 125,000 people every day. Than through a desktop, Badoo (twitter link) users mobile version is also quite large. Since November of 2011, the mobile version of Badoo users rose 100 percent and mobile revenues doubled from the desktop platform.

What is interesting from Badoo? Jessica Powell as Chief Marketing Officer Badoo said that since the beginning of social networking is not built to be a competitor up. Badoo has a different concept, namely as online dating services that bring together people based on their popularity.

After using the Badoo, users can view other members in the same area, chatting with them, or just to follow them and add to favorites in the profile. Badoo also be used to plan meetings, both private and public. Badoo is currently available for 180 countries in 40 languages. Thus, the Badoo network is more extensive and provide an opportunity to get acquainted with others from different parts of the world.

Techno tried to log into the compass of this social networking and was quite exciting. Badoo allows users to login using your Facebook account and post photos that have been posted to Facebook first. Users can also choose the language that is understood based on the options available when completing the profile.After completing the profile, Badoo will recommend my friends who are closest to you, for example, in the same city. You will be able to send and receive messages from people who wanted to meet with you, both men and women.

You can do the 'Add Friend' like Facebook or just send each other messages through the message and chat features, and then resume meeting in the real world. To the right of your profile will have a list of friends who want to meet you and you want to meet, as well as a list of people who visit your profile, list of friends you add, list of favorite friends, and a list of people who add you on her profile as a friend favorites.

For those who like new things in social networking, be a place to explore in addition to other social networks that are well known, such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. However, social networking is one Able to offer new friends, that you may not know before.

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