BlackBerry Blocking Roads and the U.S. Government Continue Discussion BlackBerry Blocking

Steps to be taken the Government to block a United Arab Emirates criticized the BlackBerry service. Therefore, many parties are worried it will affect the level of foreign tourists to the area. In fact, the United Arab Emirates as the country's ambition to become major business and tourism.
Just so you know, Dubai airport is visited approximately 100,000 people each day. Conditions that make Dubai airport as the busiest in the Middle East. The existence of blocking emails will make more businesses accelerate the time of his visit in Dubai and replace the aircraft to another destination.
In Washington, the Interior Ministry spokesman PJ Crowley said the United States, the ban was related technology is the wrong policy direction. "We will make the United Arab Emirates with clarifications about what the reasons behind the action," said Crowley, yesterday.
Just a reminder, a few days ago, the Emirates government announced plans to block the BlackBerry email service. The reason, existing data on the BlackBerry is connected directly with the computer companies overseas. Conditions that cause the government is difficult watching illegal activity or other cyber crimes.
Furthermore, the BBC correspondent in the Middle East, Ben Thompson, suspect the Government of the UAE have another agenda by issuing such a policy. This was allegedly related to the feud three years earlier when the BlackBerry producer, Canada-based company Research in Motion (RIM), was asked to give permission for access to the UAE authorities to be included in a confidential network. That way, the UAE can monitor electronic mail and other data.
"Many people view these events as a form of power plays by the UAE authorities to force RIM surrender their security codes if you do not want to lose a very profitable market in the country," says Ben.
Ben allegations Otaiba strengthened further with the statement, which stated that his country also demanded similar privileges as granted the BlackBerry against the U.S., both on behalf of the protection of national security as well as their enforcement. Otaiba admitted deeply regrets the RIM, which after years of talks, no visit to meet their demands. (AP / AFP / Reuters / BBC / DWA)