FAce Scanner Application Released to Public

Face scanner applications have been circulating in the market. Applications Face.com claim was released to the public along with the security campaign of cyber crime.

Just as the applications used by law enforcement officers to identify criminals, Face.com allows users to identify faces from a number of sources of data released. Any accuracy that is capable of identifying qualified enough faces nine of 10 cases

Face.com manager, Gil Hirsch, told the Sunday Time said it had made application developers to use 5000. we can find people using only photographs. You can also search for family members based on data that are connected in Flikcr, the daily online version, YouTube,

Gil is also calling application may also be used by the British government organization such as the UK Border Agency and social networking platform in the country this itu.Teknologi can also find their lost family in the humanitarian disaster as happened in Pakistan.

Meanwhile, the UK Information Commission stating there is no legal rule that limits the use of the scanner application to face certain circles. "However, there is great support behind the policy holders to protect individual privacy in cyberspace. There will be many international rules strictly.


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