Windows Live Spaces Would Shut Down Bloggers Could Migrate Their StesTo

Microsoft corporation eventually was unable to manage his blog service. Windows Live Spaces, which has been used about 30 million people worldwide were dipasrahkan to The deal between Microsoft and WordPress is published in Disrupt Techcrunch conference held in San Francisco, Monday.
In the near future, users will update the page in Windows Live Space page will be faced with the migration to WordPress. Users who are not willing to switch to Wordpress can choose to download all the contents to a computer or delete his blog. This transition process will be done within six months.
"In a period of six months, starting today, Windows Live Spaces users will be asked to move her blog to," said Paul Kim in WordPress blogs. He added, it has provided a migration service that allows users to transfer all its contents to a new web address. Once successfully transferred, the user can announce the new address to friends via Live Messenger.
The entry of Microsoft's blogging service users will increase market share Currently, about 8.5 percent of the world's web use Wordpress platform. WordPress platform is used about 26 million web sites, while used 250 million users.

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