Mark Zuckerberg visit to Office Baidu?

Facebook joint founder and chief Mark Zuckerberg began a visit to China on Monday with a tour of the offices of Baidu,the country's top search engine,while his social networking site remainded blocked on the mainland.

Photos of Zuckerberg's visit to Baidu in Beijing were quickly posted online. While there,he met Baidu... chief Robin Li,a spokesman said,adding that he didn't know what they talked about.

Not many in China are familiar with facebook,but Zuckerberg is known for being Time magazine's 2010 person of the year,according to the Baidu spokesman.

Zuckerberg had expressed interest in China,saying during a press conference in October" How can you connect the whole word if you leave out 1.6 billion people?" watchers have also noted the travel-related questions 

Zuckerbeg posted recently about China. The technology billionaire has also acknowledged his efforts to learn Mandarin.JB