Rudy Eugene "Miami Cannibal" Because Voodoo Or Drugs?

Rudy Eugene The Miami Cannibal
A terrible incident has happened in the city of Miami. Many people predicted that the incidence of eating the faces of people like to eat most of the body is due to the devil. Would like to believe the myth of Voodoo. But people also expect the cause of it is due to the influence of hard drugs. Then, Why did Rudy Eugene Suddenly Decide to attack a homeless man and eat his face? Yes, he's on this week has been a strange action that is cannibalistic attack. 

It was horrible. urveillance video images of Eugene caught stripping Poppo's pants off before he attacked his face-decimating at least 75% of it-the which may be a clue That he intended to eat more of his victim than he did. Footage taken by security cameras at the nearby Miami Herald building shows most of the gory 18 minutes of Eugene's growling and vicious attack on Poppo, when Eugene ate the man's nose, mouth and eyes.
Currently, miami police are working hard to uncover this mystery. What happened to rudy eugene? According to Eugene's girlfriend, on Saturday morning, he was at her house at 2 pm at which time he was like losing his mind because of rifling through clothes and acting Erratic. He left abruptly and drove to a friend's house across town, where he tried to recruit said friend into going to Miami Beach for Urban Beach Weekend, a huge event in the city for Memorial Day.

Eugene later parked his car around Tenth Street and was apparently Unable to get it started again, so he abandoned it; since it was parked illegally, it was later towed. At this point, there are no Witnesses to shed light on Eugene's whereabouts or how long it took him to reach the causeway; police believe he was walking there in order to get back home, the which was three miles away. They later found his driver's license and clothing strewn Between the beach and the site of the attack, the which was a key component in their belief That he was high on "bath salts", a dangerous LSD-like drug That Causes internal body temperatures to rise and Causes of delirium.
By the time he reached a sleeping Robert Poppo, the homeless victim, he was fully nude. Then attack him as recorded on the video that has been circulating Surveillance video caught images of Eugene stripping Poppo's pants off before he attacked his face-decimating at least 75% of it-the which may be a clue That he intended to eat more of his victim than he did. By the time a bicyclist noticed the attack and alerted police, Eugene's damage was mostly done. He ignored the officer's cries to get off Poppo and was shot several times before being taken down.

Eugene's girlfriend does not want to be Identified, but Eugene was of Haitian descent Himself. Haiti is known for tales of voodoo and zombie curses. Eugene's girlfriend says she does not believe in voodoo Necessarily, but she does not know any other way to equate the man she Knew to the man on the excruciating 18-minute surveillance video captured him ripping apart the which Poppo's face.

The terrible events that have made many people think, what exactly happened to Eugene. The questions are haunting ones remain That, and more importantly, may never be answered. Eugene was indeed on drugs when he attacked Poppo? Or he's Leaning towards or some other voodoo curse.

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