Rare orchids Kalsel Start disappear

BANJARMASIN - illegal logging and land clearing for plantations and agriculture since a few years ago, resulted in typical orchid species Plaihari Amabhilis rare start. Anggrek the General Chairman of Indonesia (PAI), in Tanah Laut, Hj Jumini Ardiansyah, Thursday (20 / 8), say, to encourage the community preserve ornamental orchid plants, orchid competitions held across the Sea-Land.

"In addition to motivating anggrek fans, this event also aims to provide knowledge to the community to participate and preserve the kind of ornamental plants that are now rare start," said Ardiansyah Jumini.

According to him, the beauty of Indonesian orchid plants have been very popular up to international level. No wonder the lovers of ornamental plants growing days.

Perhimpunan Anggrek Penggagas organization in Indonesia Tanah Laut hope people can love and preserve the orchid plants. He said that, one of the efforts to preserve it is the plan to establish the organization PAI village and district level.

South Kalimantan province has a wealth of unique flora, especially rare orchid that only grows in the area Pleihari, Tanah Laut. Anggrek Pleihari it was made the national flower charm, said the Chairman of the Association Anggrek Indonesia (PAI) Kalsel, Hj Aida Muslimah.

According to Aida who is also the wife of the Deputy Governor of South Kalimantan, Rosehan NB, the orchid is a kind of orchid Pleihari months that there is only the forest area Pleihari.

Uniqueness anggrek even the wife of Vice President, Mrs. Mufidah Kalla who is also Chairman of the DPP PAI pembudidayaan opportunity to review it, buy it and seemed to be brought to Jakarta. "We are proud to have the orchid species Pleihari the famous, and also many more other types of orchids in the forest Kalsel. The amount is estimated at 3000 species," he said. ant / itz

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