Sail Bunaken "Event" Biggest Maritime Century 21

Manado (ANTARA News) - Sail Bunaken involving dozens of countries with a war ship and sailor, is the largest maritime event 21st century held in Manado and Bitung, 12-20 August 2009.

"Sail Bunaken is a momentum to restore the image of Indonesia, as the largest maritime event in the world successfully held in Manado," said Director General of the supervision and Control of Marine Resources and Fisheries, Ministry of Maritime and Fisheries Aji Sularso in Manado, on Thursday.

Sail Bunaken activities with mengagendakan Sailing and Flying Pass various ships and war planes, is an activity that is rarely done in the world.

North Sulawesi province to get momentum with a very prestigious event that, so hopefully the local community able to support the activities and menyukseskan.

According to him, there are two important issues related to implementation of the Sail Bunaken in North Sulawesi, which is the potential for marine biodiversity and resources of large, highly qualified converted to economic activity for the people.

"Nations can promote the potential of Indonesia with a number of inviting investors to infuse capital in Indonesia," he said.

Then, the Indonesian people can show the strength of defense and maritime security, so that it can not be regarded lightly by any country.

"Already there are thousands of foreign students residing in North Sulawesi, it means that they acknowledge that the event is recognized internationally in Indonesia," he explained. (*)
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