Tips to Increase Blog Traffic and Income

Although there are many ways to increase the blog traffic but I list the most effective ways to increase your blog traffic.

Write the original, simple and to-the-point contents of your blog. Avoid details.
Submit Your blog to all the search engines, e.g., major search engines Google, Yahoo and MSN.
Submit to Google using the Google Webmaster Tool. See the procedure given in one of my blog post. Except these major search engines there are thousands of minor search engines as well.
Usually the search engine submission expires in one month. Check, if your blog is not indexed in the search engine, submit it again after 30 days.
Include Meta-Tag into your blog, to make it search engine friendly.
Submit your Blog to Free and Paid Web-Directories and FFA Networks. Should Submit your blog to at least 10 web-directories per week.
Update your contents and posts blog regularly. Should have atleast 1 quality post uploaded daily. Ping your blog after every update.
Use the Opt-in safelists to promote your blog. This is the quick way to increase your blog reach.
Submit the blog to the article submitting companies. This increases the back links of your blog.
Be patient and consistent. It takes time to increase the traffic

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