Submit Your Blog to Several Search Engines

You will need to post your blogs to search engines in order to get indexed in the search engine directories. You only need to post your once to these search engines. The only time you will need to re-post is if after one month you do not find your blog(s) indexed on the search engines.

Submitting to Smaller Search Engines

There are many search engines, which also contribute to the web traffix.

(1) To post your blogs to several search engines click here

(2) Where it asks for "Website URL" enter your blog URL address.

(3) Enter your e-mail address.

(4) Leave all checked EXCEPT GOOGLE (we will have you submit a different way to Google).

(5) Next click "Submit Your Site."

(6) HostNed will evaluate your site and post to the search engines. Wait until the screen is done loading. If some sites show an error, that is okay.

(7) Check your e-mail after posting to confirm your submission. Disregard any options that HostNed suggests for upgrades etc. that cost money.