Tips How to Optimize Adsense

tips adsense optimize
Adsense is an advertisement program created by Google. Web sites can make money from Adsense by placing Adsense ads on their pages. They make money when visitors to the site view or click on the ad. This page is a guide on how to optimize Adsense.
Google's advertisement program Adsense is a way for Web sites to make money by using the program to easily incorporate ads into the site pages. Google Adsense can be especially useful for smaller companies that don't have a specific department or position to create and sell advertisement space on their site.

Step 1: Adsense Basics

* Google Adsense users can choose between two different options for general Adsense use. They can also combine these.

1. Users can get paid on a per-click basis when visitors to the site click on an ad.
2. They can get paid on a per-impression basis when a visitor view a page that has an ad on it.
3. Google Adsense also has several other programs. This page covers the Adsense for content, that is using Adsense by displaying ads on Web site pages.

Step 2: Ad Placement and Design

* One of the most important aspects when using Adsense is the placement and design of the ad.

1. Google Adsense generally recommends that ads are placed and designed so they are similar to the Web site colors and design, as users are more likely to look at and click on unobtrusive ads.
2. Although the ads should not stick out too much on your page, designing Web site content so it mimics the ad design is not permitted. Users should be able to easily tell ads and content apart.
3. It's often best to use the same color for the ad's and site's background, or a color that is dominant on the page.
4. For Web sites with dark background, Google recommends using ads with a background that contrast the color instead.
5. The location of the ad is important as well. Placing ads on the top of the page can improve visibility, but can also decrease the quality of the user's experience when visiting your site.
6. If most of the Web site visitors are returning users, you should change the placement and colors of the ads on a a regular basis.
7. If you have a small Web site with only a few pages, consider building extra pages such as "contact us" and "about us", which will be useful for the visitor and also create more pages for ads.

Step 3: Keywords and Top Searches

* Another way to optimize Adsense is to incorporate top searched terms and high paying keywords into your pages.

1. There are a variety of tools available to find out top searches on the Internet.
2. There are also a variety of tools to find out which keywords pay higher than others. You can sign up to Google Adwords program to learn more about the difference between keywords.
3. Your main concern when creating content should be the user experience, not increasing ad revenue. Building a site around ads is not permitted according to Google Adsense standards. Also remember that users will also not return to a site that does not have quality content.

Step 4: Increasing Traffic

* Increasing traffic to your Web site should be a major concern when attempting to optimize revenue room Adsense.

1. Creating quality content and a pleasant and inviting design are main components of encouraging visitors to return to your site.
2. Learn more about search engine optimization, which determines where your Web site pages are ranked in search engine results.
3. Consider advertising your site to increase traffic to it.

For more information, see Mahalo's guide on How to Increase Website Traffic.


* If you want to optimize Adsense, learn about the best design and placement for ads, keywords and top searches and ways to increase traffic to your Web site.