10 tips SEO

There is much talk about SEO everywhere (even here), which is why today I want to show what to me are the 10 most important SEO tips everyone in achieving high rankings on the web.
Use Bold
The bold use of keywords helps the spiders from Google and other search engines know what are the most important words and give greater power to the ranking. The search engine spiders are programmed to understand that when a text is bold is because it requires the utmost importance. Therefore use bold on specific keywords help to Ranke better with that word. Just do not use too many sentences in bold per page as it will lose weight to those words.

Page Title
The page title is undoubtedly one of the most important things in regard to On Page SEO. It is more than clear that it will be very difficult position if a word is not in the title of the page or post. Always try to create a title containing keywords, but also reminds you write for people who are ultimately who reads your posts.

Sharing Posts
The exchange of posts is a kind of link exchange but much better. It means creating a post where you talk about your friend with links to his blog and then he does the same with links to your blog. Of course, the links should contain keywords that everyone wants to position. Now if you ask why it is better to exchange links exchange posts, the answer is that we get-well and the link itself-quality content, which ultimately translates into quality links.

Internal Linking
The internal linking Link page concerning themselves with each other when we consider that it may be important for the post. Besides, if we use good keywords to be gaining links to the posts linked, so it will help the On page SEO. But beware, do not exaggerate with this.

A sitemap is one of the basic things that every blog should have. The sitemap helps the search engine spiders from indexing each page of your blog. It is very important to create and add a sitemap to Google and other search engines to achieve the best possible indexing.

Analysis and Monitoring
It is very important to have a system for analyzing and monitoring visits, page views, traffic sources and other statistics. The importance of this is that lets us know which strategies are implemented correctly and what not, knowing the keywords for which we are, and so on. I personally recommend Google Analytics to this track because it offers almost everything you need to know.

Friendly URL.
Friendly URLs are those that are easily accessible to search engines.

Clarification: In Blogger you can not change this structure which is the default, but it can make Wordpress.org users. For those who use blogger is recommended Optimize Blogger title.

Unique Content
You will hear everywhere that content is the king of SEO. It is very important to create quality content that is unique, ie no copy, because if you have good content people linker your posts and get natural backlinks, which are really important. In addition, visitors always return to see you posted new in your blog.

Getting Backlinks Intelligently
Getting backlinks refers to achieve links pointing to your site, which ultimately is the basis after taking search engines to determine how important a site (the more links pointing you> better your blog will be considered by Google> more visits ). In this regard it is important to the quality rather than quantity, so it's best just good PR links many links without PR or some related topics to yours. It is also important to subscribe to free directories with good PR.

Comment on related blogs
The fact comment on blogs related to yours will give you known the world of blogs. Even if you find blogs that use "dofollow" backlinks you will have gained blogs with similar themes to yours. Moreover, the fact of participation in other blogs will help you to learn new things.

Well, so far my 10 SEO tips everyone should know and apply in our blogs. Perhaps you did not name any advice? Why not tell me ...

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