Nokia E7 The New Of Communicator Smartphone

Smartphone Nokia E7 as a new generation Comminicator finally officially available in the market. Indonesia was chosen to be the latest device is the first market. History of success in Indonesia Communicator Nokia also be the reason.

In Indonesia, a very successful first time since their introduction in 1997. At that time, the Communicator is very popular and used in the figures, in the community, and in business circles. Not only used as a symbol, but also function as a solution that helps their daily work.

Nokia E7 as the latest generation of Communicator will be interesting because it provides a much better experience than its predecessor. Nokia E7 is much more sophisticated with the combination of touch screen and QWERTY keyboard, the screen is wide and sharp, a variety of applications, maps and navigation, and access to unlimited music service.

Nokia has opened the reservation service early or pre order these devices since last week. Nokia E7 will be available to the market by the end of this week with a price of USD 5.999 million. Special buyer bundling package with Telkomsel, free bonus unlimited data access for 6 months and full version games Angry Birds.

On the occasion, Nokia also introduced the seven people who are considered influential public figure to introduce the Nokia E7. The seven people who called Magne7 each composer Addie MS, Doni Pramono businessman, film producer Nia Dinata, photographer Jerry Aurum, Laksi Pamuntjak author, entrepreneur Afit Dwi Purwanto, and Richard Sambera. Nokia Nokia E7 has also provided free of charge to the 7 people who become the highest contributor in the fund-raiser that was held last December 2010.

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