UberMedia And The Next Microblogging

UberMedia will build social networking like twitter? Really? this is a shocking news to everyone. But lately all the users of application from ubermedia were talking about this news. Sure,many people will interpretit around this desire. Perhaps people will say "because twitter has closed these application in february?" And I will say "maybe".

Some application of UberMedia has been blocked by for violating the rules of the policy implemented by twitter. This probablyled UberMedia will build microblogging. And this will be a new competitor of twitter.

So,what reason UberMedia build microblogging? Would like to make a character post that is longer than a twitter post? I think this is a weakness from twitter. And UberMedia exploit that weakness to build a new social networking. And how dit it going?

Surely ubermedia will build social networking better than twitter. But I think twitter will remain the most popular microblogging. And I love Twiiter.

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