Information About BlackBerry World Conference 2011

BlackBerry Research InMotion (RIM) wild hold a grand conference from 3-5 May 2011 in Orlando Florida AS. Conference this year changed name into the BlackBerry World Conference. News from various sources mentioned that there be more than 150 sponsors who will enliven the exhibition site to demonstrate products an service. Participants can also exchange ideas and establish networks with fellow developers from around the world.

The day before carrying out the BlackBerry World Conference event, will also be held the BlackBerry Alliance Summit event. What is? Is a special event for the BlackBerry Alliance Member,such as independent software vendors (ISVs),content providers,developers,system integrator,and also other RIM partners.

In this event RIM will also publish the BLACKBERRY PLAYBOOK. This is the first tabled made by RIM,and this will be on display in prime. In the event of Wireless Enterprise Symposium (WES),one of the event in BWC, this section will present the industrial analyzers and some experts who will discuss how a BlackBerry Company will be able to provide the needs of business, and development resources.

Not only that, business leaders,partners and vendors will lso take part in a series of interesting programs in the past three days in event of BWC. Another discussion will also speak on the topic of the BlackBerry solution for organizations on Industry,mobile business strategy,the mobilization of the enterprise to get big business inpact,product development and Blackberry,as well as Mobile Solution Leaders.

If you are a consumers product for Blackberry,you should be happy. Blackberry is a great company and will provide the best solution. But what about the presence of Android? It is also an option you should consider. Android is now in very rapid development. I think you can chooce the service that is BlackBerry an Android.

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