Yesterday: Plastation Network Down, Why?

"We're aware certain function of Plastation Network are Down,we will report back here as soon as we can with more information " Patrick Seybold said yesterday. He is the senior director of cooparate communication and social media.

Plastation Network the online service that connect Sony's game may be out for a full day or two to an unexpected and unexplained outage.

About news network down at this online plastation was the topic on twitter. In the twitter they are plastation players expresing disappointment. @plastationEU yesterday said: "plastation network outage update we'd like to thank you all you patience".
The plastation network is used to deliver downloadable games,movies, music and other services to consumers who own a PS3 console.
Up to now not known to cause network down. For those of you plastation users should continue to update the news you can follow @plastationEU on twitter to follow the latest developments surrounding the plastation network.
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