RIM vs Google About Nortel

Research in Motion Blackberry manufacturer, is competing with Google to get a wireless technology patent Nortel Networks Corp., a company on the verge of collapse. RIM tried to bid higher than the bid submitted by Google, 900 million dollars, to Nortel Networks wireless technology patents, Reuters said in a report Monday.

Nortel, which filed for bankruptcy protection in January 2009, is a pioneer in cable and wireless network technology and its assets include the 6000 patents and patent applications for wireless, data, optical networking, voice, Internet, semiconductors, and other technologies.

Google placing itself as a "horse spies" to take over Nortel's patents by offering 900 million dollars earlier this month. Google operates the most popular search engine in the world, wants the patent to eal with Nortel's wireless patent war is increasing. Interest in Nortel's strong patents, but the deal has been postponed due to the liquidator Nortel and potential buyers bargain price. Analysts said other possible bidders-bidders, including the Chinese company ZTE,Ericsson to buy most of Nortel's wireless operations, and RPX.

source: Antara

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