How Windows 7 Sales In The Word?

Mastering Windows 7 too large for the PC market?

Did you think it was great news from Microsoft recently? Within 18 months or 1.5 years,Microsoft Corp. said it has sold over 350 million licenses of Windows 7.Windows program controlled 24 percent of the platform in the market for personal computers (PCs). When calculated in one minute there are 450 people who have installed Windows 7 to the user's computer.

Unfortunately, Windows XP is still the market leader in the PC platform because it controls 55 percent. Now,Microsoft expects to migrate users from Windows XP to Windows 7. "The analysts IDC estimate that over 90 percent of companies moving to Windows 7," wrote the Microsoft engineer,Brandon LeBlanc, the blog of the Windows team.

LeBlanc said that the sale of licenses better than Windows Vista, which only 180 million PC users to take in the 1.5 years of Windows 7.According to IDC, Windows 7 is used on 68 percent of 517 million PCs shipped last year Windows Vista is installed on only 45 percent of the 400 million PCs two years ago. 

Microsoft expects the latest operating system next year, Windows 8 has been greeted with enthusiasm. Windows 8, Microsoft plans to add various features such as faster browsing, the PDF reader, local applications, toolbars, ribbon and screen lock.Windows OS 8 also mentioned as a platform that links the desktop with the tablet.

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