5 Tips How to Save Android Phone Batteries

Android phones arguably superior in terms of quality, for example, the display interfaces, the number of applications that are useful and entertaining. But what about the battery resistance. Because often download the application or activate the wireless network, could be broken because of its energy capacity is depleted.
There are a few tips you can do to get an Android phone batteries can be more durable.

 1. Manage wireless networks or wireless wisely. We recommend that you do not activate all the connectivity that is available on the phone simultaneously, for example by turning on the Wi-Fi, GPS, and Bluetooth. 

2. Reduce the brightness of the screen. Mobile phone screen is bright indeed make the display clearer. But beyond that, the higher the brightness of the screen, the greater the power output your phone battery. 

3. Only use one feature to notify when there are new messages. If there is email, instant messages, short messages (SMS), or call into the Android phone, it does not need the cell phone rang too loudly and vibrate. Simply use one of the two earlier features, sound or vibrate so that the battery is more efficient.

4. Activate an important email only. If you have five email accounts and all of them active, you should choose which email is the most frequently used and will be activatethroughout the day. The reason, more and more
applications, such as email, live streaming, radio, or an active social media at the same time, the greater the battery power required.

 5. Always provide a backup battery. When charging a battery, you are advised to not pull out if the capacity is not yet up to half. The reason is, if the battery has not reached 50 percent occupied and has been used again, the stored energy will be easily drained because it is still small.

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