TRS: How to "cut in line" with Google

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Judul: How to "cut in line" with Google

We all know that getting first page rankings
for a keyword in Google can be considered the
"Holy Grail" of internet marketing.

However we also know that trying to rank in the
"web page" results can be like trying to tread
water upstream.

Now what if there was a way to "cut in line" in
the search engine rankings and (almost) instantly
get front page rankings that will bring you massive
amounts of money and leads?

Would that be interesting?

Well it has recently become an "open secret" among
some circles that by using Video as a method to garner
first page rankings was becoming "astonishingly" effective
if garnered in a certain way.

Well due to popular demand, I have found the guy that
can teach us exactly how to do this and I got him to
give a live demonstration on Thursday at 9pm EST (6pm PST)

There are only 500 lines on this call and already 387
are filled from yesterdays email. We will be allowing
people in on a first come first serve basis so I suggest
you secure your placement right now

Talk soon,
Jeff Dedrick


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