Google and The Future With Motorola

The future of Android smartphones conversation. When they  became Heard That Google plans to acquire Motorola's worth of U.S. $ 12.5 billion. In fact, Google is Actually not only focused on the smartphone market. Taking on patents held by Motorola through the acquisition, Google Will build an ecosystem That is more interesting in Android.
Motorola is the leader in home appliances. Google plans to use it to Accelerate innovation. With the transition to Internet Protocol, Google looks forward to working with Motorola and the industry in general to our partners to support and work with Them to Accelerate innovation in this field.
The Motorola Google's entry would Accelerate the realization of this dream. The deployment of more than Google to continue making Android open source, hardware vendors will from naturally take part in new activities. If all devices can be connected to smart phones and tablets Will also add to the experience of the use of technology.
Keep in mind, Motorola is the owner of Several patents in the set top box That allows Google to respond faster in the business of digital TV programs. Motorola is also one of the leading manufacturers of DSL modems connect to the Internet That with residential broadband. Home phone is also a significant production of Motorola, including the standalone GPS navigation devices MOTONAV technology.

Strategic benefits to be received by Google is a master of the patents owned by Motorola, the technology relating to telecommunications. This Will Pave the way for the proper development of the Android platform in the future.
However, this acquisition will of the make Google as a direct competitor of Apple, RIM and Nokia. In fact, They are competitors for mobile phone manufacturers are using the license Android, including Samsung, LG and HTC.
Google would be in a press release saying That there is no change in the Android business model. Mobility of Motorola Will Remain be managed as separate companies and Google Android user licenses to other manufacturers.