Google+ With Online Games

Google will compete with Facebook by including features games. + Google among others will carry the Angry Birds. It is a popular game in facebook. Now google + want to grab market share in online games. want to resist the dominance of Facebook in the social games market money profitably, given the features of the social game became the biggest source of income up to 750 million users worldwide.

Google will initially offer 16 + games including the popular game Bejeweled Angry Birds and the Blitz. Future, Google will provide more games.

Google made a breakthrough ahead with the launch of Google + at the end of June. + Google already has millions of users of the service although it remains to be tested and limited to invitation only.

Google + Facebook is a direct challenger, who has been drawing attention and millions of dollars worth of advertising because people spend more time on the Internet for social networking pages.

In the competition the two camps are increasingly heated, Facebook sends a note to reporters just before Google held a developers game on Thursday night, Facebook says, "If you want to play games on Google +, you must provide access to the game to information from a Google account you. Some mengengar reporters who came to laugh about it.

The journalists who were invited up to get the chance to try out new games products up and speak directly with the developers at an event at Facebook headquarters in Palo Alto on Friday.

Zynga, the social games company that has filed a public sale of shares to start building a business from Facebook. Now Zynga also be available on Google + although only limited Zynga Poker Farmville or CityVille not including, the Los Angeles Times reported.

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  1. wihh beneran tuh bro?mantaps kalo gitu,mau nyaingin fb bener

  2. wih iy, baru berapa bulan uda ngetop g+ tp buat yg blum punya comp sendiri kayakny gk tau deh ap itu g+ :o
    btw : like fanpage+follow balik y blog ane gan :D

  3. Wah... dah di edit nih ? :D mantap..

    iya di G+ katanya dah ada gamenya :D qiqiq... tetep masih bagusan FB ;D

    sekalian 1 klik disini buat TeHaEr :)

  4. ini kayanya bakal ngalahin facebook nih.thanks atas infonya gan

  5. @yangpentingshare tapi fb masih mendominasi kan ya? Hehe

  6. @asmara susanto saya juga gak pny compi sndiri lho...repot ya?

  7. qwahhhh game bukan saiia banged kang :( gpp kan?!?!?

  8. Aku belum kenal nih dg google +, selama ini aku cuma punya FB dan twitter aja, itupun terlantar semua hehehe

  9. @catatan kecilku aku juga belum optimal hehe..@catatan kecilku aku juga belum optimal hehe..


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