About Microsoft Touch Mouse

This is the latest mouse is released by the Touch. Microsoft touch Mouse. Mouse costs 70$, the device is exclusively designed for the Windows 7 operating system. You can still use the touchpad on the computer beristem Linux works with Windows or Mac OS 7 using only the above features do not function optimally.

Microsoft Mouse Touch brings a new experience in navigation. Touch the mouse is also equipped with blue track technology, which the mouse is used on any surface such as wood, granite or marble - no longer dependent on the surface of the pad is flat and smooth.

Microsoft Touch Mouse combines the ability to work with a standard mouse with multitouch gesture. With multitouch capabilities, the Touch Mouse users faster and easier to navigate with just a sweep / blow their fingers.

In terms of form and function, three series of products designed for Apple's Magic Touch Mouse Microsoft compete. Because the mouse is able to read movements of the fingers and turning them into a number of functions, such as panning, scrolling, minimize / maximize, paging forward / backward, and so on.

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