Nokia 600 And 700 with Belle Smbian Operating System

Nokia 700 and Nokia 600 is a two latest smartphone that works with the Symbian operating system Belle. Nokia's latest operating system, among other support services near field communication (NFC). NFC technology also allows easy sharing of content between devices, NFC enables third smartphone to connect with NFC-enabled accessories such as speakers or headphones and Bluetooth headsets.

B700 has a size of 50 cm 3 (110 x 50.7 x 9.7 mm) and weighs 96gm, the Nokia 700 does not just become the most compact smartphone in Nokia's Symbian collection, this device is also a touch screen smartphone is the most compact monoblock in the world.
Memilkiki 1GHz processor, 3.2-inch AMOLED screen with ClearBlack display, 2GB internal memory (with an option to use microSD cards to 32GB total memory 34GB), HD video capture and full focus 5MP camera with LED flash.
Nokia 600 claimed to be able to bring big sound and advanced capabilities in a small size, and is voiced terkencang phones from Nokia, with 106 degree Phons.
With built-in FM radio antenna for radio listening without headphones and an FM transmitter that allows it to broadcast music from your phone directly to an FM radio. Nokia 600 is also equipped with 60 hours of music playback time, a very powerful external loudspeaker and the ability to stream music wirelessly to a NFC-enabled accessories.

Nokia 600 works with 1 GHz processor; full focus 5MP camera with LED flash and HD video capture, 2GB of internal memory with the ability to be upgraded to 34GB using a 32GB microSD card.
With this announcement Nokia has stressed that Symbian will continue to play an important role in the portfolio of products with the Windows Phone 7. Method development and innovation Symbian today shows how committed to making a product Nokia Symbian smartphones a competitive choice.