GPS Watches By Seiko Epson Its New Competitor

You certainly know about the EPSON company. The manufacturer of the product that is identical to the printer, Epson, recently launched GPS watches which claimed to be the lightest in the world. of course the inni very surprising for the whole GPS tools manufacturer in the world. GPS watches and makes it as the list of competitors for new GPS products that have been circulating in the market.

Watches GPS was developed by Seiko Epson Corporation. Developed GPS technology in the form of watches that are equipped with sophisticated monitor but still soft when used. In their opinion these watches produced specially for people who run sports hobby while touring the city.

In it there is a GPS module with a map of some of the major cities in Japan, Europe and America. Still limited, indeed, but not closing the possibility of Epson will also add to the collections module map. because of course this will make the interest of consumers.

The GPS feature in these watches can be on for 12 hours to refill one time, more than enough for a single session to run a marathon or run cross country. The GPS module contains the distance towards the location, the route can be reached, until the speed you are traveling. In this way, you can calculate the efficiency of the time it takes to get to the destination.

As reported by Engadget, GPS watches is claimed to be the lightest in the world weighing just 50 grams. Plus more, the rod is only as thick as 1 millimeter. Components are lightweight and thin make exercising activities any more comfortable and practical.

For more convenience, these watches are also water resistant and can survive even if soaked in water as deep as one meter over a maximum of 30 minutes. Protection of water makes these watches can be used in rainy conditions, while taking a shower or swim.

In addition to joining in the fight between the manufacturers of GPS watches, Epson produces gadget watches is also to support a healthy lifestyle by exercising. But until now there hasn't been any official pricing details of these GPS watches.
photo by:  plasa bing