Google Chrome Web Store Indonesia Its launched

Google launched its Chrome Web Store in Indonesia. Chrome Web Store provides a wide range of applications designed specifically for the markets of Indonesia and Indonesia are made by a local developer. This web store was launched on Tuesday last.

 Google Chrome campaign intended to make people realize the power of the Internet Indonesia. Users can touch the lives of others, find opportunities and create change. We all know that Indonesia is the fourth largest internet users in Asia after China, India and Japan.

There are some applications that are created by renowned local developers such as Indonesia, named TouchJam Touchten, streaming music online through the application of radio Geronimo, MuslimLife, namely digital applications for Muslims for purposes of worship, Mindtalk applications that connect Internet users who have an interest that same Blibli application for Internet users who love to shop or just looking for gifts for their relatives. and many other interesting applications.

 In contrast to the application, such as the type PrayOnTime Extensions - which provide clues to pray five times according to the location where the users are - will always be available at any site being visited. While the themes is a feature to change the look and the background to give a personal touch to the Chrome browser users.

We also know that there are gusts of news that says Google will open a branch office in Indonesia. Perhaps this is the first step of google its to woo the people of Indonesia to use products from google.
We also know that some time later google Indonesia marketing campaign including advertising involving local groups such as Blood for Gardening Life and Indonesia (Indonesia Gardening).

Of course regardless of the information above, Indonesia people will appreciate a step that make Google Chrome Web Store in Indonesia. with excellent service and will certainly be a vigorous marketing the Indonesian people to use services like google.

Just what the whole purpose of existence Chrome Web Store? Well, it is intended to serve as an open market, which allows ordinary people like you and me to seek, find, and buy applications on the web directly, while allowing the developers have a platform for them to display their web applications. It can be quite difficult to find any paid applications in the Chrome Web Store at the moment, but I'm pretty sure that this will change in time.

The plan google will hold a five-week campaign to promote Google Chrome, a browser aimed at improving web surfing experience by using the integrated Google service. Meanwhile, Google has not explained the company plans to expand into Indonesia. Is it true? We're waiting!