Yahoo! Claims Facebook Is Infringing On Copyrighted Technologies

What is your response to a yahoo claims facebook about infringe copyright? Now Yahoo has launched a lawsuit against the patent, and the first target is Facebook. Internet portal that Facebook has violated 10-20 patents for the technology advertising, personalized websites, social networking and messaging claims.

Yahoo spokesperson told ZDNet on Monday (2/28/2012) states that Yahoo has the responsibility to protect shareholders and employees to protect its intellectual property, Yahoo said it would force Facebok to enter the license agreement. They plan to push up to enter into an agreement lisesnsi, if not then they are forced to move unilaterally to protect their rights.

It was reported that Yahoo executives have met with Facebook executives to discuss more about patent infringements. whether this will work? According to the ZDNet Web site, Yahoo has not the power to overcome so well lately, and possible solutions, is to launch a strike on Facebook. But the question of an ingenious plan to Facebook is one of the few companies that have a 'live' to get Yahoo upright.

One recent success for Yahoo, the Open Graph application with Facebook desktop application that sends the traffic to a mobile Web application. Yahoo's success with open graph is also expressed by the developers of Facebook last week.

Developers of Facebook postings that traffic was at a mobile web application Yahoo News of Facebook Mobile, has increased since February 14-1600000 visitors per day.So if this is the greatest feud in the early years be? Will depend on Yahoo and Facebook resolve the problem.