Android 4.0 'SpeedUp Ice' Iindonesia

Who sells the Android version 4.0? If you do not know, the big vendors selling Android-based tablet-4.0 or Ice Cream Sandwich in Indonesia, but a local company. SpeedUp Ice Indonesia was the first tablet that uses the Android platform . Sure, the price is cheaper compared to other major suppliers.

In Indonesia, the price of $ 1.5 million SpeedUp path. Speedup collaboration with Mandiri Bank. Speedup Ice path is bundled with Internet TELKOM Speedy offer free 512 Kbps packed for three months, which can be accessed through the hot spot in the point positions Speedy 3000 in Indonesia. For credit card users Mandiri, you only pay IDR 299,000 for six months. Of course, it's very cheap.

SpeedUp Ice Tablet has a nice appearance, dressed in an elegant white color and size, lightweight and easy to pocket anywhere. Looking good is the intelligence in it, of course, equipped as it was for Ice Cream Sandwich supports Android 4.0 as operating system.
Ice Cream Sandwich brings the latest Android operating system offers hundreds of exciting and interactive interface design with an attractive and elegant, with powerful hardware path SpeedUp ice, so multi-tasking activities, games, HD, browser, playback of HD video is even more exciting with reaction times faster.
Each device was SpeedUp Ice Path to Ultimate Spider-Man cuma.Selain version of the full game, free installed, the tablet with A-GPS and improved 3-D maps are supplemented by a reference number of interesting places such as recreational areas, restaurants with 3-dimensional image. With Ice Cream Sandwich, Ice Path SpeedUp users can edit photos, add photo effects, so the "red-eye" for social media applications using path SpeedUp Gallery to share in the ice.With ultra-sensitive touch-screen operating system for Ice Cream Sandwich with a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels is optimized SpeedUp allows you to surf the ice path.

  • Processor : 1 GHZ
  • Dimensions : 176×110, 13
  • Memory : 512MB (RAM) + 8 GB (ROM)
  • External memory : Micro sd up to 32 GB
  • Battery : 4100 Mah
  • Connectivity : Wi Fi, USB 3.0.
  • Operating System : Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0