Zenbook UX31E the New Generation Ultrabook

Is ASUS attempted to attack Apple? ASUS has recently been released Ultrabook ultra thin, light machine Windows 7 packed with Intel Core i7. Named Zenbook UX31E. At first glance, Zenbook looks very similar to the Apple MacBook Air in terms of design, and there is not much to separate them in terms of both specification
Zenbook is part of the product categories 'Ultrabook', the brain child of Intel's like trying to stop the mass of brainwashed to buy an ARM-based tablet instead of a larger engine using x86 architecture-based chip.
Asus has decided to Ultrabook UX31E brand as 'Zenbook' in an attempt to distinguish it from other Ultrabooks with rival Acer, Lenovo and Toshiba, all of which will release the device before the years out. We were very impressed with the ultra-slim laptop, but there are several niggles including trackpad that does let it down.

ZenBook output UX31E Asus has a unique design. His body using aluminum material with a very slender proportions. The cover is made of metal ulrabook similar plus a circular pattern as a sweetener. Depanya section has a thickness of 3 millimeters while the back nine millimeterIf deemed-glance sense of apparently similar to the MacBook Air, but with a more affordable price.

This sleek ZenBook priced at more affordable price range than the MacBook Air, which is approximately USD1.199. This ultra-thin portable computer weighs approximately 1.3 pounds and dimensions of 13.3 x8, 9x0, 1. Affairs handed look at the Asus 13.3 inch wide screen with high resolution of 1600x900. This resolution provides a more comfortable viewing experience when opening web pages or even view two documents side by side.

When tested for Cowboys and Aliens movie 720p, contrasting colors are displayed subtle and obvious, and scenes were seen alive. But to be melhat picture very clearly, people still have to curl up watching close enough.

Each key on the keyboard ZenBook UX31 Asus looks as though the island, a large button-shaped with a gap distance, and direction pointer button is small. When used for typing and surfing the internet, keyboard and touch ZenBook comfortable and quite responsive. Although for laptop users who teriasa a meeting with key, it will probably need to get used to typing on this ZenBook.

Touchpad (touch board) on Asus Laptop ZenBook UX31 has a large enough size than laptops in general, that is 4.1 x 2.75 inches. Using a touch board, the user can explore the desktop with a fine, although it can be said to be very sensitive response to the movement of a finger on its surface. Touch pad can also be used to move pinch-to-zoom, but its performance was stuttering when used to zoom in and out in firefox and internet explorer.

Speaker at ZenBook UX31 Asus laptop is not visible. But when the music plays the sound will come out from under the keyboard. When used to play contemporary music, the sound of tinkling gamelan gong sounded clear and hum. The voice sounded soft acoustic guitar, while bass is present without feeling redundant. The resulting sound quality overall was clear.

Ultra-thin laptop is using storage type SSD (solid state drive) capacity of 128 GB. The use of type SSD storage really make a difference. To duplicate a file of 3.08 GB only takes about 20 seconds with a speed of 140Mbps.

To boot windows 7 home premium 64 bit, this laptop only takes about 29 seconds, faster than the average notebook. Meanwhile, for the life of the sleep mode, Asus UX31 ZenBook only takes 1-2 seconds.

Ports available on the laptop Asus UX31 ZenBook among others, on the right side there is a Micro HDMI port, Port Micro VGA. To the left there is a USB 2.0 port, headphone jack and SD card slot. ZenBook also features a webcam at magnitude 0.3 pixels.

Asus UX31 ZenBook powered kitchen runway using the Core i5-2557M 1.7 GHz, and 4GB RAM. While the graphics issues are handled by Intel's HD 3000. When tested for browsing via wifi, laptop is able to survive approximately 5 hours. As for the play HD 720p movies can last approximately 4 hours. the end for review and spesification.