New Opera Mini 7 For Android

Opera Software (28/03/2012) has announced that the latest version of Opera Mini browser for Android, has been available for download. Opera Mini can be downloaded from Google 7 Play (formerly Android Market) in android phone or via

What's new in Opera Mini 7 for Android? Opera Mini 7 offers a variety of improvement when compared with the beta release. Through compression technology embedded in it, this browser could provide a faster browsing and cost reduction.

Users will get the Speed ​​Dial button as much as you wish. Users can add any site you want to be seen while using the browser. Thus, no longer need to type on a keyboard phone or bookmarks.

In addition, Opera 7 Mini compresses Web pages from the network on the mobile phone users. About 90 percent of the compressed data will be accessed, so that the data be used not only fewer, but also allows users to browse the web faster.