About "Iphone 5" The Fenomenal Smartphone By Apple Inc

The iPhone 5 is indeed very phenomenal. Apple has released the latest generation iPhone had the official name of the iPhone 5, Wednesday (12/9/2012) in San Francisco, USA. Today (21/9/2012), iPhone 5 began to be sold by the official Apple distributors in nine countries.

As a current product, the iPhone 4 is certainly becoming the Apple flagship product that will compete with the products of competitors. Interest in Apple's smartphone world citizens is very high, so Apple predicted will not be able to meet the most recent of many countries ranging from Australia to America.

After introducing a range of new features that iPhone 5 in detail, nor did Apple forget to reveal the price of the device. Then what price apple official this?

In the u.s., iPhone 5 will be sold with contract carriers for two years. In the u.s., iPhone 4 16 GB price kencur 199 u.s. dollars, 32 GB appreciated 299 US dollars, and 399 dollars for the 64 GB. Price of the iPhone 4 without a contract operator in the u.s. Apple has not been announced.

Singapore became one of the first countries in Asia to be selling the iPhone 4 when it launches globally on this day (21 September 2012). There are three variants of the iPhone which is divided into the capacity of the storage media, namely, 16 GB, 32 GB, and 64 GB.

Apple was already put up the price of the sixth generation iPhone in Singapore. Different from the USA, in Singapore, Apple is selling an unlocked version of the iPhone 5 aliases without the contract operator. Apple membanderol device ranging from 950 dollars Singapore or approximately USD 7.4 million. This price is likely for the iPhone 5 with the lowest capacity, 16 GB. There has been no detailed information for other models.

Iphone 5 have advantages over other smartphones. There is a compelling statement from Apple about the iPhone form factor 5. Phil Schiller, Apple's Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing, which announced the presence of the iPhone 5, Apple's latest smartphone is claiming it is the thinnest and lightest smartphone in the world.

Apple claims this is based of the thickness of the iPhone 5 that only the range of 7.6 mm or 18 percent thinner than iPhone 4S, and weighing 114 grams or 20 percent lighter than the iPhone 4S. When referring to the weight of the smartphone competitors Apple which Apple claims classmate, it looks like it is.

Samsung Galaxy S III has a weight of 135 grams, the HTC One X 130 grams, while the Sony Xperia T 138 grams. With a weight of 111 grams, iPhone 5 may be claimed as the third lightest smartphone than a smartphone.For any thickness of the case. Galaxy S III had a thickness of 8.6 mm, HTC X 8,9 mm One, and Xperia T 9,35 mm. as for the iPhone 5 to be the thinnest smartphone with thickness 7.6 mm.

Apple's smart phone will still attract the attention of consumers because the new form which is more thin. With a size of 10.2 cm, iPhone 5 smaller than smart phones the production of Samsung, Siemens, Motorola, LG, HTC and Sony.

Apple's latest Smartphone camera has eight megapixels, the same as the iPhone 4S, and lower than the latest Smartphone specs LG or Sony. But Phil Schiller – Apple marketing Vice President who launched the product on Wednesday (12/09)-said the iPhone 5 will create a photo more clear though with limited light.