Make Money With Youtube Partnership Program

Ready to make money with YouTube? If you is Youtube user, now you can get money by this site.its just to follow the Youtube Partnership Program. What is this? This program has existed in Indonesia and also in Malaysia and the Philippines and several other countries.

YouTube has launched the Partnership Program, a method for users of YouTube to share advertising revenue from the videos they make. The way is easy. Users only need to upload a video as usual. Then, the user can press a special button called "Monetize", if you want to insert ads into the video. 
After that, users will be faced with the partnership contract that must be completed before an official YouTube partner. With a partner, the video the user can get a chance to be selected by the advertiser. 

Although able to share revenue, YouTube does not explain in detail the percentage distribution of results. For the calculation of user revenue will be determined from the advertiser. 

How to determine the amount of revenue will be left entirely to the advertiser, either from the number of clicks the video or page view. After passing some period, YouTube will send the user's income through remittances facilities like Moneygram.