The Awesome Exstrem Cold Weather In Ukraine Until Minus 20 Degrees Celcius

A total of 12 people had been killed by the cold in Ukraine in the past week, bringing the death toll rose to 18 in the whole country. This was conveyed by the local government on Monday (17/12). At least 133 people were suffering from the cold bite and hypothermia have arrived at various hospitals for the past nine days, the ministry said, as quoted by Xinhua.

A total of 131 towns in seven Ukrainian regions have been left without electricity due to heavy rain, wind gusts and the automatic tripping of power line protection systems.

The storm cut electricity supplies to 32 villages and towns in Lviv region, 23 in Rivne region, 19 in Vinnytsia region, 19 in Khmelnytsky region, 14 in Ternopil region, 14 in Volyn region, and ten in Ivano-Frankivsk region, the Ukrainian Emergencies Ministry's spokesman, Ihor Kril, told Interfax-Ukraine. Regional power crews are restoring electricity in the affected areas.

Over the weekend, the capital of Ukraine - Kiev - recorded was minus 15 degrees Celsius at night. In the east and north of the country, temperatures dropped to minus 20 degrees Celsius.In Ukraine, thirty-eight more fatalities were reported from frostbite and hypothermia on Friday, raising the nation's death toll to 101. Emergency Officials have said many of the victims were homeless.
Mykola Blyznyuk of the Health Ministry told the Kiev Post newspaper that many of the victims of hypothermia had their legs broken in falls and spent a long time on the ground in freezing Temperatures while waiting for help to arrive.
 It was so cold there, that some 1.500 swans, sea gulls and ducks froze to the ice in a small harbor near Ukraine's Black Sea port of Odessa, forcing emergency workers to use ships to break up the surface and free the birds, Officials said.

The weeklong cold snap - Eastern Europe's worst in decades - is Causing power outages, frozen water pipes and the widespread closure of schools, nurseries, airports and bus routes.

photo source : photoblog nbcnews