Mayan Calendar December 21 Domsday And Islam

December 21, 2012, is the endpoint of the 5,126-year Great Cycle.Calendar will align with the Maya date, completing a great Maya cycle of time. Some say that could be the end of everything. Or not. TV program detailing how people are preparing for the possibility of disaster on the National Geographic Channel.There's been a lot of hoopla that we are about to face a doomsday.
Social media mentions of the word "apocalypse". Interestingly, Google Trends graphs show 2009 marking a turning point when Web searches for "apocalypse" started to gradually rise. The brief spike back in 2004 seems to be related to searches for the film "Resident Evil: Apocalypse." Of course, the word "zombies" tops the apocalypse-oriented terms, while "end of the world" brings high peaks that meet up with "zombies" before dropping into deep valleys. "Doomsday" looks less popular.
 If you think the apocalypse could happen, tell us what you plan on doing between now and The End. Are you making any preparations of any kind? Even if you don't believe in it, we'd still like to hear how you'd theoretically spend your last days on Earth or how you'll be celebrating come December 22.
All the people around the world have now clearly see that the prediction by the Mayans did not prove the Resurrection on December 21. This proves that those who believe in it are the ones who are very stupid. They are the ones who do not want to learn about a religion. That in this world, there is a religion that is more reliable and more details about the apocalypse. religion is the religion of Islam.

People have to learn a lot about the west end of the Islamic religious sources. Because the only religion which gives more valid information about the apocalypse. So there's no reason other than their religious study of Islam.