Internet Explorer 8 Leader Browser In December 2012

We are deeply shocked by the news about the use of the browser. It's hard to guess, first of Internet users prefer to use Mozilla or Opera. However, as reported by Softpedia earlier this month, Fighting browser for the period December 2012 led by Internet Explorer 8. According to market share statistics for internet technology, Net Applications, Microsoft's browser is a browser leader in the period December 2012 with a market share of 23.29 percent.

As for the second most popular browser in the world still dominated by Microsoft with Internet Explorer 9 which has a market share of 21.35 percent. The next position is occupied successively by Google Chrome with 15.42 percent market share and Mozilla Firefoxx 17 deng's 10.74 percent.

Meanwhile, Internet Explorer 10 that is latest version of Microsoft's browser, it still lags far behind its competitors because it has a market share of 0.96 percent.

For the record, Internet Explorer 8, is reported to have security holes that could allow cyber criminals to run malicious code on vulnerable systems. Therefore, users are advised to switch browsers to Internet Explorer 9 or Internet Explorer 10.