Windows 8 : Google Will Work With Microsoft?

At the beginning of the emergence of this software, Microsoft's latest operating system, Windows 8, looks very promising. Various news media reported that within 4 days of sales, the product is directly sold 4 million units.

 Unfortunately, these achievements can not be sustained for too long. Sales of Windows 8 is rumored to be under Microsoft projected in the company's internal and called as 'disappointing'.Microsoft has some way to restore Windows 8 to the right path. One way is to fix the application ecosystem.

Many developers are already motivated to develop applications based on Windows 8. However, there is one big companies to temporarily refuse to do so. The company is Google.Google argued, lonely Windows 8 enthusiasts still have not made ​​them want to develop applications for the new operating system and Windows Phone 8.

According to Clay Bavor, Product Management Director for Google Apps, the company is very careful to determine the investment of money and resources. I just wanted to follow the will of the user, and unfortunately, the user does not exist in Windows Phone or Windows 8.

According to media sources, that Google said it would not forever ignore Windows 8. If the sale of the operating system is showing signs of improvement, it is likely Google to rethink their plans.

Currently, the time and resources I spent to develop and improve products based on iOS and Android. Google in the year 2013 will be the year in which Google will make a massive investment in the mobile world and the applications that exist today is only the beginning.