The Phenomenon Of Frost Flower Arctic Sea

Post-graduate students of University of Washington, USA, Jeff Bowman, and the professor, Jody Deming, managed to capture the phenomenon of frost flower in the Arctic sea. Photos taken while both were working on a joint project between marine science, microbiology, and knowledge of the planet, at the end of 2011.

Imagine a floating lotus flowers scattered over the surface of the lake. That's more or less like an ice flower field phenomenon is visible. The difference, frost flower  floating on the ocean's bone-chilling cold, formed at temperatures of minus 22 degrees Celsius.

These are small and tapered, note here also a place to live micro-organisms. Even denser than micro-organisms that live under water frozen Arctic ocean, making it an important part of the ecosystem of this location.

 Frost is known to also produce chemicals such as formaldehyde that could be a clue to the origins of life on Earth. For further investigation, Bowman and Deming brought samples of frost to the laboratory at the University of Washington.

source: dailymail