AOL Inc. Intend to Acquire Yahoo! really?

Yahoo. once again became the target of contracts. Internet media giant AOL Inc. is in the crosshairs. An Internet service provider's global society of the United States. There was "Although no official word, Yahoo management was ready to block the plan.

Three sources cited by Bloomberg is Thursday (10/14/2010), for example, Yahoo has been "holding company Goldman Sachs Group to defend themselves from the possibility of acquisition by AOL. Legal and teams Yahoo! communication with Goldman and other consultants began working together for two weeks.

"They work for a variety of approaches, including the possibility of an offer from AOL and other investment companies," the source said. So far, only one bid proposals received from Yahoo.
Do the preparation Myself Because of interest in the Home News AOL search engine on the Internet is increasingly tight supply. According to reports, AOL mutual fund management companies such as Silver Lake Partners and Blakeston Group, was discovered opportunities to acquire Yahoo. "In a few days before Plan de cette will be more clear," the source said.

Even so, this year the investment company reported $ 10 million committed to purchase $ 12 billion. Top of the current market value of about 20.6 billion dollars. Unfortunately aside, a spokesman for AOL, Yahoo and Goldman. Sachs declined to respond to the news.

 Google Fight AOL is not the first fan of Yahoo. In Microsoft Corp. in May 2008. I always start takeover bid worth 50 billion dollars. However, the plan failed and management Refused Yahoo. From then until now, stock prices have eroded Beginning about 47 percent. Now, some investment companies and investment banks has sparked Home-buying intentions through AOL and News Corp.

 For your information, News Corp. and AOL., Owned by Time Warner Inc.. Acquisition Plan done for fire WS Yahoo as a media company, while working one year Internet business partners.
In fact, AOL has long been a desire to save Yahoo. In December 2008, Jeff Bewkes as Chief Executive Officer of AOL Time Warner has called the possibility of discussing a deal with Yahoo, Microsoft and Google Inc. 

The combination of AOL and Yahoo could "strengthen the fabric of the historic rivalry with Google Inc. and Facebook. Synergies. On the other hand, in the second quarter of 2010 Top of dirt below analysts' expectations. Last month, Yahoo top three manager outside of the Company. Reuters

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