Baidu ,Internet search engine made in China, new competitors google

baidu search engine
Internet search engine made in China, Baidu, printing Said Doubled earnings in the third quarter of this year, while rival Google Continues to lose money after a dispute with Beijing in a matter of censorship.

The results Obtained in an investigation report shows Baidu in China has INCREASED ITS dominance in the world's largest online marketplace in the middle of the growing burden of this year's volatile shares of Google.

Baidu says net profit rose 112.4 Percent per year from 1.5 billion yuan (157.98 million U.S. dollars) in the third quarter. Total revenue rose to 2.26 billion yuan, up 76.4 Percent over the Same Period Last year, the company said.

"During the third quarter is good (average revenue per user) and healthy base Increase, Which Directly Contribute to a Sharp Increase in STIs first line," Said Baidu CEO Robin Li, WAS quoted as Saying in a conference call Dow Jones Newswire. China has at least 420 million Internet users, equivalent to Those of the Inhabitants of the country, local official Said data.

Baidu's market share in the Chinese market for market drivers INCREASED 73 Percent in the third quarter from 70 Percent in the second quarter, According To research research institute based in Beijing, Analysys International.

During The Same Period, Google's market share from Fell to 21.6 Percent 24.2 Percent, According To Analysys. The U.S. Internet giant has INCREASED ITS stake from 31 Percent in the first three months of this year, Before That date at odds with Chinese Authorities.

In March, Google Said it more robust Against Government censorship and the death Chinanya language search engine, Which Automatically moves to the main users of the Site That Is Not banned in Hong Kong.

Since Then, the Web giant is looking at Ways to Shift Their Consumption to Increase revenue from licensing business in China-through the creation of a new foundation through to link to Hong Kong s, which the user clicks in the user's own Interests.source: antara

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