Info BuzzCity Mobile Internet Advertising 2011

BuzzCity is an advertising distribution service media company in mobile Internet networks based in Singapore established in 1999. BuzzCity for the year 2011 targets to control 20 percent of mobile internet advertising network traffic per quarter.

BuzzCity is a media company that offers access to a global advertising network and mobile Internet to the holders of brands and agensi.Secara simple, BuzzCity offers services from the advertisers to put their campaigns on a variety of mobile media partner.

Mobile internet advertising methods used by BuzzCity are Cost-per-Click (CPC), with 65 percent profit sharing to the publisher's ads and 35 percent to the BuzzCity.

CPC costs by 4-5 cents was also the United States (U.S.) per ad, which ranges from 400. But the price is still relatively inexpensive when compared to Thailand which applies a price of 20 cents CPC.Saat already has five thousand global partners and 50 local partners, who come from the telko, banks, mobile phone makers, insurance companies and others.

For the local market there is a rival company Adstar sorts. But it still remains the biggest competitor of Google, through its service AdMob

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