Danger Of Electromagnetic Waves

You should know that the use of cell phones that are too frequent and too much will make you hit elektormagnetik wave radiation. and this has been researched by the World Health Organisation (WHO) has declared the danger of electromagnetic waves on the phone can lead to the emergence of cancer cells (carcinogen). 

Despite the statement from the WHO is still causing the pros and cons, there's nothing wrong phone users to be more vigilant in using these handheld devices. Because preventing disease is a better step. 

Here are some tips for using mobile phones that can help reduce cell phone radiation: 

1. Limit cell phone use and always use a handsfree.

You are not prohibited from using cell phones to communicate. But keep in mind is, use your phone to receive important calls only. Necessary and unnecessary talking for hours to attach the ear to the phone.
If it is forced to do, use a handsfree tool for minimizing the presence of radiation formed by electromagnetic waves. 

2. The distance between the ears with a mobile phone 

If you use the phone without a hands-free, wait until the call is actually connected before you put the phone in the ear for talks. Keep the phone away at least 1 inch (2.5 centimeters) from your body. 

3. Do not enter phone in pants pocket 

Do not Enter Mobile Pocket Pants in Materials material in the pants sometimes can be a conductor for the rapid radiation, rather than a reaction to the head. 

4. Receive calls on any open space 

Do Not Use Mobile in Elevator, Elevator (Lift) has become the standard of facilities in high rise buildings. In a room like this, the phone must work harder to stabilize the connection so that the radiation rises. In addition, there is the possibility of radiation bounces back to the user in a room dominated by steel materials. 

5. Buy a phone with a SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) is low. SAR is a measure of the quantity absorbed the human body. 

6. Use of protective equipment that is able to suppress the cell phone radiation. These are usually sold in stores akesoris phone.

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