Faisal Shahzad "Agent" Failed bombers amateurs of New York

NEW YORK - Who is Shahzad Faisal, is still confusing. He did not show as a trained killer, and even considered not competent when making an effort to escape.

Police themselves from the failed bombers early mention it as "eccentric bombers." Bomb components are assembled in a very "concerned" with cheap tools that consist d of two cheap plastic alarm clock, gasoline, propane gas tanks, fireworks, and a sack of fertilizer.

Although the device's potential to cause a fireball, but it is 'amateur', says Mayor Michael Bloomberg, shows the culprit may even 'mentally insane'.

One again, the FBI easily find a prepaid cell phone used to call a second store fireworks and received several calls from Pakistan.

The only "smart thing" that does is when buying a car, which is made in cash through a Craigslist ad. Faisal also move the license plates of other cars to Nissan's car and tried to remove the identification number. But "it is very stupid" well done, which left his house keys in the car.

Very smart, Bloomberg said, is the fireman in Times Square that are not in a hurry spray water to extinguish the fire. Thus, some of the evidence remains intact in the car.

Customs officials also revealed that Shahzad has reentered the United States in February after a five-month visit to Pakistan, a trip where he allegedly received training in Waziristan.

source : republika.co.id
video example : Cops Find Suspected Car Bomb in Times Square

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